In the light of the developments in insulation in Turkey at the beginning of the 2000s, our company made the first applications. Moreover, today, our company under the name of ALTAI Yapı Endüstri A.Ş;

BARKKAFT Insulation Paint has taken its place among the leading companies in the insulation sector with its new generation nano-technological polymeric expanded spheres product range; With its upright stance and self-sacrificing structure, our products, which do not burden our country and the world with buildings that comply with earthquake regulations, reflect the sustainability and renewable policies of the world air conditioning organization and offer energy saving and high energy efficiency with this policy.

Since environmentally friendly BARKKAFT insulation paint can be applied to all surfaces, our products, which will be beneficial for heating and cooling, provide SOUND, HEAT, WATER, and FIRE insulation.

Existing insulation products, the fact of emiting harmful greenhouse gases to the environment, labor costs and damage to the building statics by drilling the bricks to a certain extent; all these led us to research economical, constantly renewable, environmentally friendly and nano products with the dream of new products, so our story began.

Although these products are seen as a revolutionary invention according to some, these technologies are used in the world and they enter the Turkish and World markets as high value-added products.

Altai Construction Industry Inc.; introduced BARKKAFT products, which can be applied to any surface, insulating paint, and ALKEN conductive paint.


Some of our projects related to the paints we have developed

Barkkaft insulation paint can be applied on all surfaces;

In your special projects

  • in silos
  • Chicken and Horse farms and shelters
  • Military vehicles and facilities
  • Warehouses and Hangars
  • Cold Storage
  • transformer buildings
  • Mosques
  • tube passages
  • Hospitals
  • museums
  • Steam hot water Pipes and valves
  • Gasoline Diesel tanks
  • Caravan Train Aircraft Ship interior walls
  • Metal, Glass and Marble structures

About Altai

As a result of the 15-year commercial history of Dossa Energy and the R&D studies of its partners who are experts in insulation paint, insulation and conductive paint has been made ready for production as a final product in 2022, and mass production has been started under the roof of Altai Yapı Endüstri AŞ under the brands Barkkaft and Alken.

Barkkaft why?

It is a HEAT, SOUND, WATER, and FIRE insulation material suitable for new generation insulation technology, which is formed by the mixture of binder and polymeric structure using expanded beads.

Barkkaft spreadable and spray-based thermal insulation material is non-combustible, resistant to impacts and lightly flexible and anti-corrosion, which significantly reduces thermal conductivity.

Barkkaft liquid polymer thermal insulation material provides maximum adhesion level and flexibility to every surface covered with different geometric shapes, has low thermal conductivity and protects the coating surface not only from hot and cold effects, but also from rust, moisture and condensate effects.

Barkkaft: thermal insulation coating provides HEAT, SOUND, WATER, and FIRE insulation with double layer application. Thanks to its excellent reflective and emissive properties, it is very effective in preventing thermal energy permeability in insulated structures and equipment.


Conductive paint, the content of which is prepared by distillation in special ways, is suitable for use in different heat technologies.


To produce products with high energy efficiency performance by doing R & D studies, always in search of new products in the insulation sector.

Our Developed Paints

Barkkaft insulation Paint

Project Development and Production2007 – 2023

Alken Electrical Conductive Paint

Project Development and Production2015 – 2023