ALKEN -Electrical Conductive Paint

ALKEN Electrical Conductive Paint: Conductive paint, the content of which is prepared by distillation in special ways, is suitable for use in different heat technologies. It works with 12v, 24v, 48v DC currents, solar and wind energy. DO NOT apply 220v AC current.


  • ALKEN The Conductive Paint system works seamlessly with DC current transformers (led transformer) and renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind energy.
  • Conductive  Paint does not dry the air.
  • It provides energy savings up to 60%.
  • There is no humidity and mold in the environment where it is painted.
  • It is a product that does not require mechanical installation and maintenance.
  • Provides full heat dissipation with instant heat up
  • It is the most suitable heating technology for chronic breathing patients.
  • Insulation paint can be applied on it.


  • On the interior facades of buildings
  • In Tempered Glass and tables
  • Under Tiles
  • Heating Cores
  • Historical Artifacts in Buildings
  • In Prefabricated Buildings
  • Container structures (office, home and other)
  • Industrial Areas


  • Liquid Density :
  • Viscosity
  • Rupture strength :
  • Light reflection :
  • Lifespan: At least 200 Years
  • Water Permeability:
  • Water Vapor Permeability Coefficient:
  • Application Temperature: > 10℃
  • Color: Black
  • Impact Resistance: No cracking, no rupture


  •  COLOR : Black. Water-based insulation paint Barkkaft can be applied on it.
  • CONSUMPTION: 1 Liter /m² (min. 1 mm thickness) With 1 Liter bucket: 4-6 m²/bucket. The amount of consumption was evaluated excluding the application conditions (ground, weather conditions and other).
  • PACKAGING: In 1 L metal buckets.
  • SHELF LIFE : 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened and undamaged packaging.
  • STORAGE CONDITIONS : Store in a dry and cool environment under air conditions above 0ºC.
  • USAGE:Two conductive (copper, aluminum) tapes are adhered to the area to be applied in parallel and one coat is applied with ALKEN electrical conductor Paint. After complete drying, 2, 3 or 4 coats can be applied. Current is given to the ends of the drawn bands with plus and minus transformer ends. When the surface resistance drops below 10 ohms, the desired degrees are reached.