Interior & Exterior


BARKKAFT is an insulation coating for both interior and exterior surfaces, which provides at least twice the insulation performance compared to traditional insulation materials, thanks to the nano particles in its content that give it a thermal conductivity value of 0.018 λ. One of its advantages is that it can be applied much more easily and quickly than other systems, and it is also economical.

Roof Insulation

BARKKAFT Roof Insulation Coating; Roofs are the area with the highest heat loss in buildings. barkkaft protects your buildings perfectly with heat, water and sound insulation. It continues its task in all climatic conditions without any problems. It is flexible, does not crack, breathes, and reflects the sun’s rays. takes care of it from the root.


Barkkaft Industrial; With its flame retardant feature, it prevents major damage to the plant and equipment. It provides high energy savings by reducing the external surface temperature thanks to its excellent application on all metal parts. Steel, galvanized sheet, iron, aluminum, curtain concrete, industrial pipelines, cold storages, hangars, livestock It can be applied in farms, refrigerated vehicles, military vehicles, silos and water tanks.

Our Product Range

Barkkaft Thermal Insulation Coating

Barkkaft Thermal Insulation Coating

  • Barkkaft Exterior Insulation 16 lt
  • Barkkaft Interior Insulation  16 lt
  • Barkkaft Roof Insulation   16 lt
  • Barkkaft Industrial Insulation 16 lt
  • Barkkaft Insulation Primer 16 lt

      Alken Conductive Paint

      Alken Conductive paint (1 lt) can work with 12 v and 24 v DC electricity or with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy

      Energy Efficiency

      Energy efficiency is the goal of reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services. It is defined as reducing the consumption per unit of service or product amount without causing a decrease in the quality of life in buildings and the quality and quantity of production in industry and industrial enterprises.

      Natural, Environmental and Ecological Four Seasons Insulation

      Why Barkkaft ?

      • It has a thermal conductivity value of 0.018 λ(W/m.K) and provides at least twice the insulation performance of all conventional insulation materials.
      • Excellent Reflective: It reflects 90% of the energy that comes into contact with the product, so it is very effective in preventing radiant energy permeability in isolated structures and equipment.
      • Ease of Application: Since it is spread-based, it can be easily applied by roller, brush and spraying like normal paints.
      • Coloring: Although the production is made in white, it can be colored with the desired color pigment.
      • Water and Sound Insulation: It absorbs vibration by reducing noise pollution thanks to its water repellent and permeability feature in façade applications.
      • Humidity and Humidity: By preventing the passage of cold and heat, it becomes sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. It prevents the formation of sweat, mold and fungus, and allows the building to breathe.
      • Non-flammability: The product saves vital time during fire with its flame-proof feature.
      • Environmentally Friendly Renewable Energy: It does not contain substances harmful to human health. Formaldehyde or greenhouse gas emission-free products are not used.
      • Economical: It reduces operating costs in terms of scaffolding, labor and time, since it is sustainable in the projects implemented.